Program Committee


Biofeedback Federation of Europe - 18th Annual Meeting

Jon Bale, BSc., BCN-T, BFE Research Manager, Canada
Annette C. Booiman, MSCT, MensendieckMoves, The Netherlands
Dr. Morayo Jimoh, University of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa
Leah Lagos, Psy. D., New York, USA
Antonio Martins-Mourao, Ph.D., Chartered Clin. Psych., FHEA, The Open University, United Kingdom
Ralf Nickel, Head of the European Therapy and Training Center, Germany
Yuval Oded, MA, Haifa University, Israel
Davide Pierini, MPs, Hybridlab, Montreal University, Canada
Prof. Giuseppe Sacco, Clinical Psychologist and Labour, Rome, Italy
Piotr Sobaniec, Ph.D., Medical University of Białystok, Poland
Rafal Sztembis, MD, Ph.D., Invasive Cardiology Unit, State Hospital 2, Rzeszów, Poland

Program committee chair: 
Erik Peper, PhD, San Francisco State University,  USA

Carol Meyers, BFE Conference, Canada