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The Improvement of the Parasympathetic Response Through a Personalized 9-week Biofeedback Training vs Individual Biofeedback Training Without Specific Instructions in Stress Exposed Patients
Punito Michael Aisenpreis

Clinical Process Based on The Applied Neuropsychophysiological Paradigm
Psic. Npf. David Arroyo

Is the Athlete's Brain Efficient or Proficient? Cortical Patterns of Athletic Performance Within the Multi-action Plan Model
Dr. Maurizio Bertollo

Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback and Psychotherapy in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Case Report
Carlo A. Pruneti, Chiara Cosentino (presenters)

Unique Peak Performance Database: 25 Years Inside the Brain of Top Athletes
Hiroko Demichelis (presenter), Bruno Demichelis, Tim Harkness

Use of Neurofeedback in Different Psychopathologies
Juan Ricardo Díaz, Sandra Milena Camelo, Bertha Lucía Avendaña (presenters)

Hospital Care Continuity to Traumatized Patient in CBT Approach: BFB/EMDR Outpatient Clinic
Roberta Eterno (presenter), Luciana Mastronardi, Maria Grazia Manzone, Paolo Rossi

Shared-Regulation Training: An Applied Framework for using Biofeedback in Team Sports
Dr. Edson Filho

Providing Biofeedback Services from a Distance: Lessons Learned from Telehealth
Raymond A. Folen, Ph.D., ABPP, Sarah D. Miyahira, Ph.D.(presenters)

CoKeTT – Application and Usability Centre for Healthcare and Assistance in Old Age
Dr. Petra Friedrich (presenter), Kai Hinderer, Michael Häcker, Bernhard Wolf

Measuring the Afferent Pathways During HRV Biofeedback: Heartbeat Evoked Potentials
Richard Gevirtz, PhD (presenter), Starr McKinnon, Ph.D., and Christina Huang, Ph.D.

Mindfulness Attention as a Predictor of Psychopathology Among University Students
Morayo Jimoh

Hemoencephalography: HEG based neurofeedback Practically Introduced as a Smart and Easy-to-use Training Method in ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia and Other Learning Disorders
Dr. Christel Kannegießer-Leitner (presenter), Dr. Ralph Warnke

QEEG/Electrical Imaging and Z-score LORETA Neurofeedback in Neuropsychiatric Practice
J. Lucas Koberda, MD, PhD.

Dedicated Biofeedback Outpatient Clinic for the Treatment of High Complexity Amputated/Reimplanted Patients at C.T.O. Hospital
Dr. Luciana Mastronardi (presenter) Maria Grazia Manzone,Italo Pontini, Paolo Rossi)

Biofeedback as a Tool for Pain Management - A Case Based Approach
Eugénie Pabst, Psy.D.

Biofeedback, Posture Awareness Embedded Within an Evolutionary Perspective
Dr. Erik Peper

Heart rate Variability Biofeedback Reduces Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety in Depressed People
Davide Pierini, Patros Tzavaris, Domenico Sgromo, Carlo Pruneti, Chiara Cosentino

Complementary Therapy for Brucker-Biofeedback – Implementation of Gamification and eHealth to Increase Motivation and Compliance
Hasan Simsek (presenter), Kubi Mensah, Michael Pantförder, Prof. Christian Bühler, Stefanie Weber, Ralf Nickel

Alpha Deregulation Patterns in Children and youth Associated with Excessive Usage of i-technologies (gaming, texting, social media etc.)
Mari K. Swingle, Ph.D.

EEG Deregulation Patterns in Adults Diagnosed with an Internet Addiction
Mari K. Swingle, Ph.D.

Stent-model of Early in-hospital, HRV-based Rehabilitation for Cardiac Patients
Ralph Sztembis, PhD, MD

Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback to Improve Health and Well-being of Senior Citizens in Singapore: A Pilot Study
Gabriel Tan, PhD, ABPP, BCB, BCN, qQEEG (presenter), Angelique Chan, PhD, Ivan Thong Shin Kai, BSc, Ido Amihai, PhD

Concussion Hits Hard: Recovery from the Multiple Effects of Concussion: Requires Interventions be Based on an Appropriate Multi-modal Assessment
Drs. Lynda and Michael Thompson

ADHD + Comorbidities - Accurate Assessment leads to Effective Intervention Using Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, & Metacognitive Strategies
Drs. Lynda and Michael Thompson

The Effect of EEG-Biofeedback Method on Memory Performance of Gifted and Talented Children
Mehmet Fatih Varli, PhD (presenter); Tony Steffert, PhD

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