Saturday, 15 November 2014

Workshop - Erik Peper, Ph.D.

Building Hope: Integrating Biofeedback and Somatic Feedback with Self-healing Skills Resolving Chronic Disorders from Test Anxiety to Severe Chronic Pain
Dr. Erik Peper
2-day Workshop

The workshop focuses upon integrating biofeedback and somatic feedback with self-healing skills embedded within an evolutionary developmental perspective. The components include assessing the person from a holistic perspective (e.g., diet, movement, internal self-talk, social support, and circadian patterns) and identifying the chained behavior.  The workshop includes assessment of dysfunctional respiration and motor patterns, training in effortless breathing with scalene/trapezius and transverse abdominis SEMG, respiratory strain gauges and blood volume pulse.  The somatic biofeedback includes movement patterns, visual and kinesthetic imagery, touch, cognitive and postural strategies to reduce dysfunctional patterns and optimize health. Participants will learn to recognize and experience subtle dysfunctional illness promoting patterns such as those triggered by the startle response and defense reaction, breath holding, gasping, absence of pelvic floor movement, and hyperventilation. Applications of this integrated approach has been demonstrated to reverse numerous illnesses such as vulvodynia, test anxiety, epilepsy and eczema. The workshop includes self-practices, physiological monitoring, demonstrations and strategies to teach clients.

About Dr. Erik Peper

Erik Peper, PhD., is an internationally known expert on holistic health, stress management, and biofeedback. He is a professor at San Francisco State University, where he was instrumental in establishing the Institute for Holistic Health Studies, the first holistic health program at a public university in the U.S. He is president of the Biofeedback Federation of Europe (BFE) and former president of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology. He has received numerous awards such as the State of California Governor's Employee Safety Award in 2004 for his contributions to improving workplace health for computer users, the 2005 Sheila Adler Award from AAPB for his efforts to support and encourage student participation, and the 2011 Recipient of the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe Educator Award. He is an author of numerous scientific articles and books: Biofeedback Mastery, Muscle Biofeedback at the Computer, Make Health Happen: Training Yourself to Create Wellness, De Computermens and Fighting Cancer-A Nontoxic Approach to Treatment. He has a biofeedback practice in Berkeley, California and publishes a blog titled The Peper Perspective: Ideas on illness, health and well-being. He has been an invited speaker at international conferences in the United States, Europe and Asia and is a recognized expert on holistic health, stress management and workplace health. His research interests focus upon strategies to optimize health, illness prevention, holistic health, healthy computing, and respiratory psychophysiology.