Saturday, 15 November 2014

Workshop - Ralf Nickel

Brucker-Biofeedback-Method (BBFM)® Biofeedback in Neurological Rehabilitation after Central Nervous System Damage
Ralf Nickel w/ Dr. Nadine Herzig
2-day Workshop

Based on the knowledge that the central nervous system (cns) has long term structural repair capability, alternate cell structures can be utilized to take the functional place of damaged or destroyed cells. The cns also has the possibility of establishing neuro-networking in different ways which is known as neuroplasticity or cortical remapping. This type of neuroplasticity is the basis of our daily biofeedback work in neurological rehabilitation and also in neurofeedback procedures when used properly with operant conditioning paradigms. Evidence from our laboratory founded in 2002 and others world wide, have clearly shown that operant conditioning procedures for learned control of specific neurophysiological responses can lead to significantly greater utilization of surviving cns tissue after damage caused by strokes, brain injuries, cerebral palsy and spinal cord injuries, even after years. This workshop will focus on the important variables that clinicians need to understand in order to have most effective functional outcomes from their biofeedback procedures in treating neurological patients.

About Ralf Nickel

Ralf Nickel was a student of Dr. Bernard Brucker, the developer of a specific biofeedback treatment method in neurological rehabilitation. Working since 2004 with the Brucker-Biofeedback-Method(BBFM)® he is a certified trainer in this method as well.

He is regarded as a qualified expert in the professional field of EMG-biofeedback. Especially working with neurological patients from all over the world who suffer from a central nervous system damage he is an experienced therapist.

Ralf Nickel is the head of the European therapy and training center for the Brucker-Biofeedback-Method® at the Schoen Klinik Muenchen Harlaching and trains therapists in this unique therapeutic method.