Saturday, 15 November 2014

Workshop - Ralph Warnke, Dr. Christel Kannegießer-Leitner

Hemoencephalography: HEG Based Neurofeedback Practically Introduced as a Smart and Easy-to-Use Training Method in ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia and other Learning Disorders
Ralph Warnke, Dr. Christel Kannegießer-Leitner
1-day Workshop 

Neurofeedback is a fast progressing treatment method. The scope of pathologies and non-pathologies being treated with neurofeedback is likewise growing steadily. A key downside of current standard neurofeedback training is the lengthy treatment periods. I.e. in ADD patients, standard number of sessions often exceeds 40 weekly trainings.

This work describes a different approach to neurofeedback treatment. It is based on the concept of nIR-based HEG therapy as proposed by Toomin and others. The key target groups here are ADD/ADHD children, dyslexic children and children with other forms of learning disorders. Providing clients with a rather compact structure of HEG based neurofeedback training with several sessions per day over a duration of one or two weeks each appears to have similar if not better effects on clients than a lengthy form of therapy. The overall aim of this approach is to provide children and youth with limited concentration and endurance with a treatment they can more easily cope with and perceive as successful in a fast and convincing way.

About Ralph Warnke

Ralph Warnke is the president of MediTECH, an innovative German medical device manufacturer. Warnke has been teaching biofeedback and neurofeedback courses for well over a decade. He has led and participated in national and international research projects targeting improving learning, concentration and brain processing skills. (i.e. the European funded research project F.L.I.C. – Foreign language acquisition with the instinct of a child). His latest research was dedicated to the treatment of functional analphabets, showing significant plastic neuronal change changes in the brain regarding language tasks shown in fMIR.

About Dr. Christel Kannegießer-Leitner

Dr. Christel Kannegießer-Leitner is an experienced medical doctor from Southern Germany. She has written several books on ADD/ADHD, learning disorders and related subjects. The Psycho-Motor Holistic Therapy (PMHG) was developed by her, helping many hundreds of children in Central Europe with learning disorders or even severe physical and/or mental disorders. Kannegießer-Leitner has been an invited speaker to dozens of presentations and has established a network of medical doctors and trainers in Germany working and facilitating PMHG therapy.