Friday, 9 January 2015

Workshop - Frank DeGregorio

General Introduction to Biofeedback Peripherals Workshop
Frank DeGregorio
1-day Pre-Conference Workshop

This 1-day workshop is for researchers and health professionals who want to learn how to use the latest "cutting edge" biofeedback technology. The morning session provides an overview of the key features of the BioGraph Infiniti 6.0 software and hardware. Software suites that can be showcased include Neurofeedback, Physiology, Rehab-Muscle, Z-Score, HRV and Reaction Time.

During the afternoon session, participants will have a "hands-on" experience using Surface Electromyography (SEMG), Respiration, Temperature, Skin Conductance, Electroencephalography (EEG), Heart Rate and Electrocardiology (EKG) with audio and visual multimedia biofeedback screens.

(This workshop is NOT limited to current BioGraph Infiniti users only. Clinicians who have an interest in Biofeedback and in BioGraph Infiniti but do not currently possess our equipment are welcome to register.)

This course has been approved by BCIA to provide 7 hours of ategory A accredited continuing education for BCIA re-certification.

About Frank DeGregorio

Frank DeGregorio has a Diplome d'Etudes Collegiales (DEC) in Computer Science and Networking and a Certificate as a Programming Analyst. He has over 20 years of experience as technical, network, computer and high-level troubleshooting for Thought Technology. In addition, he has over 12 years of experience teaching BioGraph workshops with Lynda Thompson, Ph.D. and had the opportunity to attend a wide variety of workshops held by clinicians such as Dr. Barry Sterman, Dr. Tanju Surmeli, Dr. Don Moss and Dr. Richard Gevirtz, Dr. Erik Peper and Dr. Vietta Sue Wilson. Frank's extensive knowledge of all the product software and hardware offered by Thought Technology gives him the unique ability to take participants from installation of the software to using it effectively.